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home1   At Dreamtimevideo we truly care about telling the story of your wedding day with heart. We set out to capture the emotions, sights and sounds as the day's events unfold. We feel privileged to witness the sacredness of your ceremony and your vows, and to be part of the joy of your celebration. We can be so unobtrusive as to blend into the background, or we can interview you, your family members, and guests as you wish.   home2


home1   Our approach is this: while we see things in real time, we remember things in "dreamtime". Our job is to capture those important moments in your life through your mind's eye. We use cinematic techniques to tell the story, and we condense time and expand time according to the content of the moment. The art of the craft is therefore two folds: in shooting and in editing.   home2
home1   In shooting, we first make sure that all the critical scenes are covered, and then we look for the details. While you are busy with the event in focus, we look for for the spontaneous and the unexpected.   home2
home1   In editing, we combine these images with perceptual sensibilities, employing techniques such as slow motion, fades, dissolves, montages, etc. to enhance the experience. Such sequences are then set to music of your choice. To us, that's good story telling -- stories that you will cherish forever.   home2
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